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Retirement & Pension Funds


While we take pride in helping our clients build highly effective wealth creation portfolios we know well that these are most always purpose driven strategies aimed at one day allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind of a well-earned retirement. Financial planning and investment “started early” will go a long way in ensuring you enjoy an adequate lifestyle on retirement, but employing the skills of an expert team to help guide you can make all the difference between turning a good retirement into great one.

At Financial Junction, our team of investment experts offers tailored solutions, led by carefully crafted plans, ensure you are investing in the optimal mix of products and opportunities that will see you retire, hassle free and comfortably covered to give you peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Retirement & Pension Funds Team


Meet The Retirement Team Here

Call us today for advice or assistance with your Retirement needs on +27 11 447 1707 or send your enquiry here …

Financial Junction retirement planning services include:
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment strategy and implementation
  • Post retirement support and fund management
  • Benefits of Retirement planning


New ruling to the Pension Fund Act has had a major impact on:
  • Divorce
  • Withdrawal or Termination of Employment
  • Retirement
Retirement and annuities are:
  • Tax Deductible
  • No Tax on Interest
  • No Tax on Dividends
  • Not subject to Capital gain Tax