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Financial Junction has been guiding Flux Trends since it’s inception – and that was 10 years ago. Through the trials and tribulations of starting and running a small business (especially through the crucial first 300 days, which in this case included a global financial meltdown) Financial Junction has been there to dispense sage advice and guidance: not only in matters of finance, but also in the management of my company.
Flux Trends is a small, specialist, boutique operation, and I appreciate the fact that I am given the same time, and treated with the same respect, that their larger clients receive. That sense of assurance is invaluable, and will no doubt steer me through the next 10 years of growing my business.


– Dion Chang: Founder, Flux Trend Analysis

“You have built a brand that is admired and trusted in terms financial and management solutions. 

It is amazing to realise how much you have built such a brand (FJI) that is loaded with expertise and deligence.

While I take care of my patients, I definitely do not have any worries about my administration. You guys are pro’s and keep it up.”


– Dr TJ Mashego Prosthodontist

“In setting up a brand new enterprise development project, our company was (and still is) in big need of financial guidance, business direction and company structure. We couldn’t have asked for a better business advisor than Financial Junction Investments.  We have never encountered such sound and honest guidance from any other company we ever dealt with. They are there every step of the way  and they continue to hold our hand with their professional advice and friendly and sincere guidance.

Not only do they advise and steer us in the right direction, they are also always available and there for us. With FJI next to our side, we have no doubt that our project will be a big success. Without FJI we could not have done it.

FJI take the fear out of running one’s own business. A big thank you to the FJI team.”


– Irene Jones Ma’wami Entrepreneurs Development / Ma’wami Kitchens

“Living the philosophy of “champions of change” and ensuring that the service provided to our clients is nothing less than “champion”,  it becomes evident that Mobaarak can only achieve this,  if we partner with a team full of “champions”.  Financial Junction lives up to this philosophy of true “champions” and delivers high quality results first time round.   Mobaarak attributes it’s success to date to this team of “champions”

Led by a true champion herself, one can only see these qualities permeate through the organization and the culture of champions emerging within Financial Junction.”


– Mobaarak ‘Champions of Change’